My Take On BPD

(This is at the end of the What Is BPD chapter, where I describe it using official symptoms and terms)

My Take On It

Liquorice all-sorts. A walking, breathing bag of all kinds of conditions and personality disorders. Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Suicidal Thoughts, Anger Issues, Mania, Paranoia, Voices and Struggles with Reality. You name it, we’ve probably got it. Each in our own unique weird, wonderful and beautiful way.

We feel everything tenfold, happy is not just happy, sad is no where anything close to being just sad. And everything in between. We can flick from one emotion to the other quicker than a blink of the eye and back again. We see reason where there is none and argue when there is pure crystal-clear logic.

We hate every fibre of our being; we want to be centre of attention in an empty room.

We over-think everything.

We can’t trust our minds; we don’t even know if we are making this shit up or not.

I’ll go into the specifics of my BPD in the next chapter.