About this blog.

I'm 38, two kids, third one due any minute, live my girlfriend and work in the city. Oh and I have BPD.

I was only diagnosed a few months ago, because, well, I had a breakdown, which nearly cost me my family.

I've decided to write a book about it and my version of BPD. I'm going to post excerpts on here rather than the full book, for two reasons:

1 - I want to get feedback as I'm going along
2 - In all honesty, I want to be published, not self-published. Not that there's anything wrong with going self-published. But I want to be validated. I want someone to tell me they will publish my book. That someone will actually pay money to read my story. I need that for me.

Honest feedback is all that is needed. 

The current structure of the book looks like this:

1.       Dear Sarah

2.       About me and this book.

3.       What is BPD

4.       My BPD

o   Anxiety

o   Depression

o   Self-Harm

o   Suicidal Thoughts                            

o   The drink

o   The drugs

o   Binge spending

o   Binge eating

o   Paranoia

o   Reality

o   The OCD

o   The Dimmer switch

o   The voice

o   The highs

5.       Intro for The diary/The List

6.       The Diary

7.       After the diary

8.       Resources/help